Something Beautiful.

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After initially not liking this song.. this has admittedly become a guilty pleasure…. 

Taylor Swift - Shake it Off 


BBC Trending from The BBC, came to see me last week! This is a fantastic video they’ve put together! <3.

If you want to find me on YouTube, click here!

20 day Facial Expression Challenge

Day 4 - My epicly failing &#8216;im peed off&#8217; face (yes this one is a day late. i will be doing posting day 5 some point today too)
This is so true. When will people begin to realise that the grades achieved doesn&#8217;t determine how well a person will do in a chosen profession? 

My rabbits just love playing dead… go out and they just lay on their sides, they don’t move until you go right next to them.. Mummy paranoia at its best! 

My cat Missy playing pass with me a few years ago. Unfortunately Missy passed away tonight after a dog attack. RIP Missy ♥

20 day Facial Expression Challenge 

Day 3 - My confused face :p

Time to download itunes and start trying to find all my music on my Ipod for my newer laptop so i can update my music library. This might take a while.